A Must Read Story from The Life of Tony Robbins

The Day Tony Became a Wealthy Man

Tony Robbins is a well-known name now. He has earned his wealth with best-selling books and popular seminars. His 6 basic human needs talk is one of his most popular. Today he is “worth” $440 million dollars

But if you asked him how he made it…
To pinpoint the day he became wealthy.

He would tell you about the 400 square foot apartment he had. Deeply in debt, and down to his last $20 bucks. He would describe the day as beginning with him pondering how he was going to feed himself, and pay rent, and bills, and on and on.

The day he became a wealthy man, he decided to walk 3-miles to a $5 all-you-can-eat buffet, called El Torito.

“ I’m sitting there stuffing my face

And then the door opens, and this very attractive woman walks in. I looked to see who her suitor was, and he was about four feet tall — this little boy is obviously her son. He opens the door for her and pulls out the chair for her …

He was so loving — so present — with his mother. Something about it just touched me.

I went and paid for my meal, and took whatever was left — probably $13 or $14 — stuck it in my pocket, and walked over to this little boy.

I say to him, ‘Listen, I just want to tell you, you’re a class act. I saw you hold the door for mom, and how you pulled up the chair.’

‘Well, yeah… she’s my Mom!’

‘And it’s pretty cool you’re taking her to lunch like this,’ I tell him

‘Well, I’m not taking her to lunch, because I’m only eight. I don’t have a job.’

‘Well, you are taking her to lunch,’ and I reached in my pocket, took every penny I had, and I dropped it on the table in front of him.

The look on his face was worth it. I just walked out the door

— I don’t know where my next meal was coming from. I should have been freaking out … but it was the freest I had ever felt in my life.”

The next day, now completely broke, no gig, no income, soon-to-be-living-on-the-street…He received a check in the mail.

For $1,200 — It was from someone he had previously loaned money to, paying him back

He was marveling at the *WHY* behind this perfect timing, tears well in his eyes as he begins to understand this profound truth.

The day after he gave his last penny to help a young man, it dawned on him…He had become a wealthy man last night.

Many who know Tony Robbins, or have listened to his videos on youtube know: He defines wealth as freedom — “It’s freedom from your fear, it’s freedom from money controlling you, it’s the freedom to do, share, and give”

The moment he decided to give his limiting factor away, the few crumpled dollars and all his cents (or maybe it should be spelled *sense because that’s how it feels in the moment) he became free from it.

He’ll say that he wasn’t trying to be cute, or hack God, or exploit some intrinsic strategy

“I gave because I wanted to. And that’s the day I became a wealthy man.”



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Jessica Stevens | Copywriter

Jessica Stevens | Copywriter


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